Possible story idea…

I wrote this back in March of 2009 after I dreamed some of the sequences the night before. I saved it. I’ve been looking at it, kicking it around and putting it away for a long time now. I’m wondering if I should attempt to flesh it out.


It’s a moonlit night, still….quiet……on the grounds of a modest, but beautiful home…..near a split rail fence….that borders a riotous garden of flowers. He walks across the main path of the garden, with economy of movement…..alert, scanning….always looking for the danger that seeks her. He has been patrolling most of the night, leaving only when her breathing became quiet and regular, her sleep deep. She has no idea he leaves her almost every night. She has no idea he leads a second life. She trusts him and loves him. He wishes he could just tell her. He fears that the truth of who he really is, and the knowledge of what seeks her….would break the bonds of their long-term relationship. So for now he has chosen to keep his own council. Mist starts to rise from the pond at the end of the garden, and a slight red glow begins to send fingers of dawn across the sky in the East. He feels a chill in the breeze, but not the cold of an early Spring day, rather of what approaches. But, not today. Today she remains safe. He looks to the house. He decides to return to her before she wakes from her slumber. She cannot know. Not yet. He enters the house quietly, through the rear-door that enters the kitchen. He climbs the stairs quietly, avoiding the spot on the fourth step that creaks with the slightest weight upon it. He enters their bedroom. Before he slips into bed he looks at her, and his heart swells with his love of her. She is his life even though he keeps secrets from her. He lays down beside her, being careful not to disturb her. He watches her breathe for a while, but finally gives in to sleep himself, being carried off to restless dreams.

Hearing always comes first to her in the morning when she wakes. The quiet and beautiful bird-song outside her window, beckons her to rise. She slept well, and stretches deliciously, under the cool sheets. Opening her eyes, she sees the sunrise through her window. Without even thinking, she reaches to her side for him. She’s not sure why, but he has always made her feel safe.

Her hand touches him softly as he lays beside her. She sits up and turns to him…leans down and kisses him on the forehead softly.

Dawn has fully broken and the sun now shines bright. She climbs out of bed, getting ready to take a shower. She quickly pads across the bedroom, bare-footed. Right before she enters her bath, she glances back at him lying on her bed, and sees him crack open his startling green eyes at her. Those eyes that are always full of love for her. She can see it. He blinks slowly, she smiles at him. He closes his eyes again.

He begins to softly purr, and the sunlight streaming through the window, makes his black fur glisten like onyx.


Input appreciated! =)


10 thoughts on “Possible story idea…

  1. Maria, did you write this? it is incredible! May i share it on fb or is it personal. This just so captures the relationship of a human and a cat : )

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