(I wrote this for a cat named Doakes…..who now goes by Dokes and is on Facebook… 2010. He was horribly injured in an apartment fire and survived. It took him months to recover and he is scarred, but he is loved!)

Emerging from searing flame, and rising from the ashes,
With the courage of a great lion,
A small cat walks through fire to return home
Trading his wounds for the love of his own.
Though scarred, he is more beautiful than
A reborn Phoenix, a miracle!
Antics resumed, voice returned,
Small little kneads of healing paws,
Eyes shining with the love he bears
For his family, heart filled with the
Desire to just be who he is.
He is Doakes, King of his lair, once more.
Lion-hearted little feline, oh the magic you
Weave in our troubled minds.
Hope and possibilities, a life worth living.
That all is not lost when we truly lose
Everything, if we have the love
Of one true friend. For teaching us
That what lies in our hearts and
what makes our thoughts soar with dreams,
It’s these things that matter.
Great loss and great pain labors to
Birth great wisdom, to foster great love.
A little hurt cat shall show us how to
Be human. This is the gift of Doakes.

Maria Appleby, 2010, All Rights Reserved


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