Dude (2006)

I wrote this in September 2006, about a week after I had lost my favorite cat. His name was Dude, and he was a long-haired orange-tabby Persian. He died in my arms. I miss him so much.         ~~Maria~~


Dude, this is what is in my heart!

It is only now, sweet Dude, that I can even write about you without breaking down into tears. I miss you so much. You would have been 17 this December 31st. My lovely cat, best friend, keeper of all my secrets. The one who loved me no matter what my mood was, or what I looked like. You didn’t care about all that. People could have learned a lot from you about friendship. There was never a day in over 16 years that I doubted your love and affection for me. You looked and smelled like sunshine. Your purrs were so quiet and sweet. Your meows were always so proper, never obnoxious. Your warm little body sleeping next to me at night, how I miss that. Little did you know how secure you made me feel, versus you needing to feel safe with me. Your huge, expressive coppery eyes could see straight into my soul, and you never blinked from the imperfections that lay there. I miss your whiskers tickling my cheeks early in the morning. “Times a’wasting” you seemed to be saying to me. “Get up and sieze the day!” I miss you cuddling with me at night on the couch, catching a show on TV with me, or watching a movie. I miss you lying all over the Sunday paper when I was trying to read it. I miss you walking across the keyboard of my laptop as I was trying to type something I thought was important at the time. I miss you taking naps on the bathroom rug as I soaked after a long day, keeping me company with your quiet presence. That’s what I miss the most, Dude, your presence. Being with me. I come home and am still kind of surprised you’re not here. There are moments when I get incredibly busy and I forget, only to remember all too soon. You cannot be replaced. Some of the other cats are looking for you. They will see you again someday. I know I will too. Fundamental Christians will argue with me that there are no animals in heaven, but scripture has an answer for me. Someday when I go to heaven, I won’t cry anymore and all those things I hold dear in my heart will be given to me. A God who makes such a promise to His people would not deny me such a small thing as to want my cat with me forever. I don’t ask for riches, and fame and comforts. I just want all those I loved dearly, close to me. Until that time my sweet friend, wait for me. I will come home someday.Wait for me. I love you. I miss you.


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