Sandyhook Requiem

Friday 12-14-12 started as any other day

Dressing for school, hurried breakfasts, hugs, little ones at play

Dedicated, loving teachers there in the morning

As dedicated, loving parents hand-off their living treasures

Little beating hearts and chubby hands

Giggles and greetings, crayons and colored clay

Chaos and unspeakable violence breached the walls

Of an institution felt safe and warm

By one confused, angry and hurt

An invisible young man now a house-hold name

To the horror of a nation

Yes, even to the shock of the world

And the deep searing grief of the families

Precious lives now cruelly cut short

The aftermath of confusion and pain

The lack of understanding

What are we to do?

Who does this? Who?

Why? WHY?

No answers, only pain

For the children, for their teachers made heroes in one final act

For the mother who died alone in her home

For the father and brother left behind

Trying to make sense of the senseless

Too many guns they say

Too little help for the lost they say

Be kind they say

As if being kind afterward matters so much

When being kind before…noticing…caring….

Might have stopped this?

We weep as a nation, we rage

We want to help

What to do?

What can we possibly do?

I think of these families preparing to bury their dreams

During a time that should have been joyous


A time of giving…

Grief and sadness, pain and loss

Among the wreathes and trees, ribbons and gifts

Looking to the Heavens for 27 bright new stars

God…please give me the wisdom to give a gift

To remember them


Teach me to care

Show me how to be compassionate

Give me the bravery to intervene when things aren’t right

Give me the fortitude to stand up against wrong

Open my eyes to see those who are lost and feel invisible

Remind me to hold close those I love

For You may call them home before I’m ready to let go

Teach us all that we are connected

We are family

We are ONE community

One world

All people

Maybe then, just maybe

We will really see the 27 lost that day

This is our chance

From pain hope may spring

Let it come.

If you have peace and abundance

Won’t you please share it with just one who does not?

My family and I cannot think of one single way

To honor those lost at Sandyhook more

Than to shine a light into the horrible darkness

Even if we’re afraid.

God help us all.

~~Maria Appleby, Champaign, Illinois, USA, 12-16-12




37 thoughts on “Sandyhook Requiem

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  3. Hi everyone! I am very overwhelmed at your comments! Thank you for allowing me to try and express how I feel about this. Although I have had this blog for a few years, it is sadly neglected and I am still “new” to how everything works and how to properly acknowledge everyone. Please forgive my failings with this. I hope to become better versed with polite blogging rules and I just want to thank and acknowledge all of you. Thank you. It means a lot to me!

  4. Reblogged this on Diary of a Cupcake Virgin and commented:
    An amazing poem about such a dreadful happening.
    They were the same age as SC – he asked why they got shot, I had no answer.
    My thoughts and prayers go out to all the parents who lost their children in this tragedy, and all parents who have lost children to violence.

  5. We all have our stories, I agree. We all feel pain. We all need a kind act or gesture to get us through the rough patches. And hopefully, we will all pay if forward and extend loving kindness to all who cross our paths. Perhaps if we do, another event such as this will be avoided. Maria says it so well and describes how we all weep for souls set free sooner than we were ready to release them.

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