A story for Katydid – Chapter One

(I wrote a little story for fun for a little girl who is 2 going on 3, the daughter of friends of mine. I used mutual Facebook friends and their pets, as characters in the story, with everyone’s permission. I tried to incorporate some personal hobbies from each person too, and made photo-shopped images for my friend’s daughter to enjoy. Please excuse my glaring grammar errors, this was totally for the entertainment of a very beautiful child. I will post one chapter per day here!)

Originally posted on Facebook here:

1. Chapter One 12-16-12

Once upon a time there was a royal clowder of cat brothers named Russ, Woody, Sheldon, Quincy, and Joey. They lived in a grand white castle on top of a hill with four Princesses. The castle had stone cats on the roof instead of gargoyles. Princess Diana loved music and played guitar and was the official court minstrel. Princess Leigh Ann was an expert philosopher/academic and was the official court historian. Princess Kristie was an excellent cupcake designer and was the official court baker. Little Princess Katy-Did was just an itty bitty little girl and didn’t need to be an expert in anything because she was so cute. She got her name because if anything funny happened in the castle, it was usually because Katy-Did it!

You, dear reader, may be surprised to learn that the grown-up princesses had jobs, because usually they don’t. The princesses of the other kingdoms sat around eating bon-bons and ordering their servants around. These princesses were industrious and believed beauty is as beauty does, and they were very beautiful indeed.

One day Little Princess Katy-Did decides it’s a good day to let the cats outside. She didn’t know that the evil witch was hiding on the other side of the garden behind the fountain. The evil witch was very bad and had been planning on stealing the royal cats to be her familiars for a year!

As Russ frolicked and Sheldon ran amok, and Woody, Quincy and Joey ran about hither and yon, the witch cast a spell on them to make them sleep. She stuffed them in her bag and ran away to her hovel in the woods.


Little Princess Katy-Did and Governess Poohdy


Princess Diana


Princess Kristie


Princess Leigh Ann



One thought on “A story for Katydid – Chapter One

  1. Mom and I are absolutely floored by your level of talent, Ms. Maria! Mom loves to write and edit herself as a profession and a hobby but has gotten out of practice because of her illnesses. You are truly an inspiration for her to get back on the keyboard.

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