A story for Katydid – Chapter Two

(I wrote a little story for fun for a little girl who is 2 going on 3, the daughter of friends of mine. I used mutual Facebook friends and their pets, as characters in the story, with everyone’s permission. I tried to incorporate some personal hobbies from each person too, and made photo-shopped images for my friend’s daughter to enjoy. Please excuse my glaring grammar errors, this was totally for the entertainment of a very beautiful child. I will post one chapter per day here!)

Originally posted on Facebook here:


2. Chapter Two 12-18-12

Little Princess Katy-Did was very dismayed when she caught a glimpse of the evil witch running away carrying a sack. She called and called for the Royal Cats and soon realized they were gone. She ran back into the palace from the garden to find her dear Governess Poohdy, who had went to the kitchen to fetch cupcakes and tea prepared by Princess Kristie for their afternoon snack.

Governess Poohdy had been in residence at the castle and in the employ of the Princesses since Little Princess Katy-Did was born. She assisted in her constant care and education while Princesses Diana, Leigh Ann and Kristie worked during the day, and when they were required to attend State affairs.

With huge, sad blue eyes shimmering with tears, Little Princess Katy-Did told Governess Poohdy what happened and felt very sorry for it. Governess Poohdy picked her up and hugged her, and then carried her to where Princess Diana was practicing her guitar in the conservatory. Once advised as to what had occurred, Princess Diana immediately summoned General Buonaparte and briefed him.

General Buonaparte was the leader of the Royal Calvary and was a very dedicated and wise protector of the realm. He turned to his Aide de Camp Pasta and told her to quickly muster all the troops, and to send each regiment in different directions to conduct a search and rescue for the Royal Cats. General Buonaparte had suspicions that the evil witch may have fled to her hovel and he had an idea of where in the woods it was, so he and his Aide de Camp Pasta assembled a small, highly trained group of soldiers. He would lead this small group into the woods to find the evil witch.

While the Kingdom had always been peaceful, General Buonaparte had wisely prepared for just such an event.

After the great noise of soldiers thudding away from the castle on huge war horses died down, Princess Diana and Governess Poohdy took Little Katy-Did to the Royal Library to sit in front of the great fireplace there, and wait. Princess Kristie brought a tray of gourmet cupcakes for everyone to nibble on. Princess Leigh Ann read poetry out loud in her lilting voice, to help soothe Little Princess Katy-Did. Princess Diana strummed her guitar quietly, because Little Princess Katy-Did loved music. Princess Kristie (who was Little Princess Katy-Did’s mother) held the little princess in her lap, and stroked her hair, rocking back and forth very gently. Governess Poohdy already knew that the little princess felt very badly and felt no need to admonish her for letting the cats out. She doubted that it would ever happen again, but she quietly hoped the Royal Cats would be found safe so the little princess would be happy again.

Meanwhile, back in the evil witch’s hovel in the woods, the Royal Cats awoke in the sack, which had been carelessly tossed on her tattered divan. Ooof! One by one, they poked their little royal furry heads out of the sack to behold with great curiosity, the evil witch crying in her kitchen.


General Buonaparte and his Aide de Camp, Pasta


The Royal Cats in the Witch’s bag.




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