A Story for Katydid – Chapter Three

(I wrote a little story for fun for a little girl who is 2 going on 3, the daughter of friends of mine. I used mutual Facebook friends and their pets, as characters in the story, with everyone’s permission. I tried to incorporate some personal hobbies from each person too, and made photo-shopped images for my friend’s daughter to enjoy. Please excuse my glaring grammar errors, this was totally for the entertainment of a very beautiful child. I will post one chapter per day here!)

Originally posted on Facebook here:


3. Chapter Three 12-19-12

Joey, Russ, Quincy, Woody  and Sheldon  jumped out of the bag and slowly approached the evil witch. She was sobbing uncontrollably, so they sat around her in the kitchen and quietly began to purr. They were not afraid of her at all, they were very brave as Royal Cats should be.

Soon her tears subsided to sniffles and she noticed the cats were out of the bag. She reached down and pet each one. She apologized to them, explaining she meant no harm. She thought if she had the famous Royal Cats as familiars, that she would have the respect of her peers.

She sat down on the floor with the kitties as they began to engage in happy poonanigans (which made her smile) and she told them about herself. She was very lonely and very sad. Sometimes mad. All the other witches were very mean to her and bullied her, called her names and played tricks on her. None of them would let her play any Good Witch games. This all started after a great dragon named Apathy stole her good heart and flew away.

It should not be surprising to learn that Joey spoke to the evil witch, after she ran out of words herself. (and all the Royal Cats could talk!) He curled up in her lap and purred and purred and reminded her she really wasn’t evil, but the dear Princesses in the castle would be very, very upset that she stole the cats. Especially cute Little Princess Katydid, who loved them all more dearly than anyone. So, the witch was probably in trouble. But it shouldn’t be too terrible because the Princesses were very kind.

The Royal Cats then held a little conference amongst themselves in the corner by the broom. The witch listened to them curiously, hearing a lot of meows and purrs and the occasional pfffft! Finally, the came to her as a group and told her they would help her get her good heart back and defeat the dragon named Apathy.

The witch was very afraid, but wee Russ, in his little, brave voice told her to not be afraid. He told her he was very wee and he wasn’t afraid! Sheldon, who was still  kitten, loudly squeaked he wasn’t afraid. Woody, Quincy and Joey all came to the witch and put a paw on her shoulder and told her she could do it!

So, Joey wrote a note for the Princesses and left it on the table. The witch packed her bag full of provisions for their journey. No Royal Cat could be expected to have an adventure without plenty of noms.

They left the witch’s hovel in the woods as a group united to a common cause, full of hope and singing. They were going dragon hunting!


The Witch’s Good Heart


Joey’s Note




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