A Story for Katydid – Chapter Five

(I wrote a little story for fun for a little girl who is 2 going on 3, the daughter of friends of mine. I used mutual Facebook friends and their pets, as characters in the story, with everyone’s permission. I tried to incorporate some personal hobbies from each person too, and made photo-shopped images for my friend’s daughter to enjoy. Please excuse my glaring grammar errors, this was totally for the entertainment of a very beautiful child. I will post one chapter per day here!)

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5. Chapter Five 12-27-12

When the General, the Witch and the Royal Cats entered the gates of the kingdom, they were very surprised to see everyone in town lining the streets hooting and hollering and throwing flowers down on the cobblestone ahead of them. Especially the cats. They were surely brave and very self-confident, but didn’t take much of a shine to loud and public recognition. They much preferred cuddles and a warm fire with the Princesses. In fact, the first thing they did when they got to the castle was surround Little Princess Katy-Did and give her lots of headbonks, nosetaps and kitty snuggles!

The General had the foresight to send a carrier pigeon ahead, to advise the Princesses that the Royal Cats were just fine and had vanquished The Great Dragon, Apathy. So the Princesses immediately began organizing a huge celebration, complete with invitations that were sent to everyone in the kingdom. They also called Chef Maggie right away, of Maggie’z Magnificent Munchie Truck, the official Royal Caterer. Chef Maggie was the best chef in all the land and could put on the most scrumptious Banquet on short notice!  Chef Maggie was handsomely compensated with a huge bag of gold, given a full-works spa day, and a gift certificate for $1000 kibbles for the local farmer’s market. Many people would come simply because of Chef Maggie’s culinary prowess! Everyone who attended said it was the best party and dinner EVER!

Governess Poohdy, General Buonaparte and Aide de Camp Pasta were publicly recognized in a special outdoor gathering, for their dedication to their positions, loyalty to the Royal Family and jobs well done. All three received medals of honor and a nice all expenses paid vacation package to a destination of their choice.

The Royal Cats were very excited to be of further assistance to the Princesses too! They brought out their Royal Wienermobile about a week later, on a nice sunny Caturday, and drove all over the kingdom! The Princesses were returning all those Good Hearts that the General recovered from the dragon’s lair, to all the people who had lost them! It was a joyful day indeed. Even Little Princess Katy-Did got to give a Good Heart back to a little girl her own age, and they became friends and set a future play-date at the castle.

And what became of the Witch who everyone used to think was evil? By Royal Proclamation she was given a new name and would henceforth be known as Good Witch Hazel. However, she did cat-nap the Royal Cats after all, and had to face the consequences of that decision. So by Royal Decree, Good Witch Hazel was ordered to serve 500 hours of community service at the Royal (no-kill) Animal Shelter/Sanctuary. She also had to complete a minimum of 15 counseling sessions, to help her work out a few things and learn some new, good things. She was given quarters in a nice cottage in the Royal Garden, and could come and go as she wished. The Princesses believed in an honor system that allowed a person to prove themselves. If she was successful and completed her discipline, she would be allowed to take a job at the castle or further her education.

When Good Witch Hazel reported to her first counseling session in the Royal Library, she was surprised to find Aide de Camp Pasta waiting for her, wearing a beautiful gown and nice comfy slippers, instead of her armor. Pasta knew Hazel was surprised and explained to her that not only was she the General’s aide ( a position she worked very hard to attain), but also was the official Royal Chaplain/Counselor-in-Residence. By learning how to live well, take every good opportunity, learn from mistakes, and always improve herself, Pasta had achieved much in her life. A girl can be anything she chooses and does not have to limit herself to one position or title. All she has to be able to do is dream. Pasta told Hazel to dream and that she BELIEVES in her!

Later on, all the Princesses, Governess Poohdy and the Royal Cats took a lovely holiday to the snowy mountains. They stayed in their private lodge, went sledding, and drank lots of hot cocoa by the fire. They also stayed up late and giggled a lot and told stories.

And everyone lived happily ever after!


Royal Party Invitation


Royal Wienermobile


Royal Winter Holiday




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