As Veteran’s Day approaches…

I am a U.S. ARMY veteran. I was a military police officer. If my country needed me, I would do it all again. Huge respect from me, to ALL veterans of ALL military branches, and all those who currently serve. Despite any faults, hardships and politics….this nation in which I reside, is worthy of our vigilance. I’ve been to some frightening places on this planet….where basic human rights exist only in theory….while I will never subscribe to a belief system that endorses war….I will always believe that freedom is worth preserving. I did not become a soldier to kill. I became a soldier because I love my country and wanted to be part of something bigger than myself. I met and married a Desert Storm veteran, the love of my life and my best friend. My father is a veteran, having served in post-occupied WWII Germany. Many of those I served with, I have been blessed to connect with on Facebook. We have a bond that transcends social media, that looks past the mistakes of youth…it is a brotherhood and sisterhood that can only be forged with combat boots, BDUs and an honor code. A code that says no one is left behind. Not ever. A code that says anything can be accomplished with team work. A code that says even an Army of One can make a difference. As Veteran’s Day approaches, is there something you can do to make a difference? Is there someone in your family you can honor? Do you have a story to share? Honor a veteran this weekend and tell me about it.




3 thoughts on “As Veteran’s Day approaches…

  1. Happy Veterans’ Day to you and Don, and thank you for your service to our great county. I was not in the military, but I had the honor and pleasure of working alongside many USArmy soldiers in Iraq as a civilian. Friendships formed when working side-by-side, day after day were — and are still! — amazing. I salute all men and women who serve or who have served in the US military: thanks for all you have done.

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