Goodbye, my sweet Will.

For the first 17 years of our marriage, we tried desperately to have children. We wanted nothing more than to raise a family of our own. I lost two pregnancies, and gave up. Instead…He sent me Will, Toby and Andy in March of 2000. Helpless day old kittens that someone had thrown in the trash “to get rid of them.” Don and I undertook the time-consuming and often worrisome task of hand-nursing these three tiny brothers. They survived and thrived. We kept all three of them. We loved all three of them dearly. We lost sweet and goofy Toby in 2010. We lost my special Will less than a week ago. Daring and independent Andy survives, and is still with us. I am not sure why I had created a social media account for Will specifically, and also as a page for all our pets, with him as our official spokes-cat, but I did. Creating that account allowed me to share the very best of what I have inside of me, behind his name. I was able to share things, thoughts, feelings, ideas…..that I would never do otherwise in any other context. He allowed me to “do good” in his name…..and care, share, help and hope. Unfortunately I also lost friends on the way….as sometimes my own emotions and reactions (often times inappropriate or unnecessarily exaggerated)….would come out without much thought. Hard losses that I regret to this day, but lessons I needed to learn… I could learn to use social media with more care and thought…..and I deeply hope that all the good is always connected to Will, and all the bad… connected to a person with shortcomings, fears and frailties. Thank you for allowing me to share him, and all our beloved pets……this little family of ours…..all these years. I have met some of the most amazing people (and their pets too!) and I owe that to Will’s presence. I don’t wish to debate whether or not “pets go to heaven” with anyone… all know I believe The Rainbow Bridge is a real place. The Bible makes no specific provision for animals. What I do know….is my God does not live in a box, confined by any man-made parameters. I believe that every creature He entrusted to my care in this life….that I will see in the next. I also won’t debate with more practical folks who do not understand my deep love for my animals. God gifted me with this, and without that gift, I never would have had 10 years with Toby, 15 years with Will, and whatever remains with Andy……and the many. many others that have shared our lives and home. We don’t save them. They save us.

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2 thoughts on “Goodbye, my sweet Will.

  1. Ah! Some theology is in order. The Bible records that the only creatures cast out of the Garden after the Fall, were Adam, Eve, and the snake. All other creatures remained then, and remain now in a state of perfect grace; and therefore are immediately assumed into Heaven after their deaths. Of course your pets, and all other pets you’ve loved along the way, will be there waiting for you.

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