Stepping Stone Men’s Shelter needs our help!

Help save STEPPING STONE MEN’S SHELTER in Champaign, IL.

The Salvation Army’s Stepping Stone Men’s Shelter will close on March 12, 2016 due to operational decifits caused by funding cuts. Over 20 men, some of them military veterans, will need to find assistance elsewhere because of the closure. These are men trying to change their lives. A warm place to sleep, eat a meal, and take a shower makes a big difference in tackling the bigger problems like finding work, and saving money toward a more permanent housing. Stepping Stone Men’s Shelter offers these men a safe place to transition from cold, hungry and homeless… warm, fed and employed.

CHAMPAIGN COUNTY residents can HELP their own!

Online Donations may be made on the SALVATION ARMY web site here:

Donations may be mailed or dropped off here:
The Salvation Army of Champaign County
2212 N Market St
Champaign, IL. 61822




*** I am NOT an employee (nor volunteer for) of THE SALVATION ARMY. I was NOT asked to blog about the shelter. I am NOT being compensated in any form to blog about the shelter. I am a resident of Champaign County and I care about what happens to this shelter, and the people it serves. ***


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