I’m not OK, but I will be.

My biggest faults:
1. Chasing after people who don’t want me.
2. Worrying about what others think.
3. Being too emotional/sensitive.
4. Apologizing for things that are not my fault.
5. Harboring expected reciprocity of feelings.
6. Depending on others to feel good about myself.
I have spent (as of tomorrow) 50 years not feeling good enough. The best birthday gift I can give myself is permission to be me, and if you don’t like it, you’re probably not someone I want in my rah-rah section anyway. That does not mean I want a bunch of friends that KMA. I want friends that will accept me at my best, and not be afraid to guide me at my worst. I’m disappointed most of all, in myself, and I possess full knowledge that only I can change how I feel. So, Happy Birthday early, to me.  
Today I feel very broken, tomorrow is a new day.



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