Her life was a gift.


Thank you for sharing your beautiful life with us sweet girl.


1/19/2006 – 6/29/2016

Loved every single second of her beautiful life.


It eventually gets to a point where the tears running down your face feel like acid sloughing off your skin…..and the pain in your chest becomes a desperately aching void…..and you realize that today changed your whole reality. I allowed myself to fall in love with a perfectly loving creature, whose only fault was a very short life….and I sit here mired in the pain of loss. But I don’t wonder if it was worth it. This exquisite hurt is but small homage to every single moment she loved me, with unparalleled and undeserved devotion.




4 thoughts on “Her life was a gift.

  1. You really are a writer Maria! You have an eloquent way with words. Please continue writing about anything & everything!
    Imagine my surprise finding this on Pinterest and visiting. As much as I am on Pinterest I must confess I don’t understand some of it.
    Be at peace with life! You are such an endearing person who has truly touched my life in a positive way. Even through all our heartbreaks ~ albeit much more yours than mine. But, you were there for me when my little ones needed prayer and made their journeys across the bridge. Love & gentle hugs from one heartbroken to another. 💞

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