I am grateful for coffee.

#ProjectZen #Day11 #GratitudeProject 

While my subject on the eleventh day of my gratitude project is rather mundane, I confess that it makes me very happy. There is nothing like a good cup of coffee! It makes a blah morning tolerable. It promotes marital harmony. It turns me into a coherent human being. Sure, a lot of that is probably just me giving my favorite morning beverage a lot of power it doesn’t really have, but hey, if it’s all positive, that’s a good thing. No harm, no foul. So I’ll just sit here and drink my cup of joe, and become nicer by the minute.

My love affair with coffee began at an early age, but I was not allowed to drink it often when I was small. Mom would make me a cup of hot milk with just a splash of coffee in it, and I would pretend I was like her, drinking my “coffee” with as much sophistication I could muster. When I was a teenager, I would occasionally have a cup, heavy on the creamer, just a touch of sugar.

As an adult, I drink coffee every day. I have it every morning, sometimes with a good meal or with a sweet treat (if I make a cake or shortbread, yum!), once in a while as a late afternoon recharge. I like it black, I like it with creamer and a bit of sugar, or with just creamer. For some reason I never liked it black with sugar and no creamer. My favorite creamer is hazelnut, but I also like half and half. I’ve used white sugar, raw sugar, and honey as sweeteners. We rarely go out to eat these days, but if we did indulge in “going out” I always finished up a nice restaurant meal with a cup of coffee. There’s something about lingering over coffee and having a nice conversation on a full belly with my guy, that’s enjoyable.

I’ve tried pretty much every brand available in an average grocery store, to include generic brands when we didn’t have a lot of spare change. My “go to” brand is Eight O’Clock whole bean coffee. When I was stationed in Germany (5 years total, two different duty stations) my preferred brand was Jacobs Kronung Kaffee.

I don’t have too many coffee gadgets. A drip maker. A small French press. A small bean grinder. I don’t use the French press a lot. Maybe 2-3 times a month when I make a special treat and go all fancy, pressed coffee with half and half and raw sugar. Holy cow that’s good! My daily coffee is just the drip maker. I don’t grind too many beans up at one time, just enough for a few days worth of coffee pots. That’s pretty much it for my “science” of coffee making. I’m not too complicated. 


I don’t “go out” for coffee either. It’s not that I haven’t…..I have. But I’m one of those poor slobs that enters a coffee house with trepidation, I watch and listen to customers order these fancy cups with a lot of big words, and drop major green to pay for it…..and when it’s time for me to order…..I quietly order “a cup of coffee please” and hope all the coffee experts standing in line don’t hear me.

So here’s to a great cup of coffee. At home. In my pajamas. With un-brushed hair. With the morning news on TV. I’m grateful for coffee!




2 thoughts on “I am grateful for coffee.

  1. Coffee is my friend! I don’t “go out” for coffee, these high priced coffee huts are over rated. And why get dressed when you can enjoy a nice cup in your PJ’s comfortably in your house. Like mine with 1/2 & 1/2. not fond of flavored creamers.

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