Lisa Kennedy’s pie crust recipe.



My cousin, Lisa, lives up in Michigan in the area where I grew up. One thing I really like about social media is that it enabled me to connect with close and distant family relations, school friends, and local area news and business pages…..and this helps me keep in touch with my roots. I really miss Michigan and am not able to visit up north much.

Lisa is a really nice person and I enjoy that she shares her very fun and fulfilling life on social media. Active in her community, fully vested in her family, and just enjoying life. That’s what I see from her. Unvarnished truth, while living life to the fullest, and encouraging everyone that crosses paths with her to do the same.

She is also a local area radio personality, so if you’re ever up around Manistee, Michigan, tune in to 101.5 Coast FM (WMTE) and catch her on the morning show.


Every weekday morning you can hear “Live and Local”  news, sports, weather, giveaways, local interviews, and Scotty and Lisa’s very own special brand of humor.  Invite “Scotty Mac in the Morning” into your home and car….weekdays from 6 am-9 am on 101.5 Coast FM!

Anyway, back to pie crusts! Lisa has mad cooking and baking skills and often shares foodie photos on social media of things she makes for her family. After sitting here in my living room drooling over my laptop when she shared some pies she whipped up…..and then she shared step-by-step instructions on how she makes her pie crusts, I tried it myself and was very pleased. I messaged her and let her know about that too. Finally, a delicious pie crust that even I could make! Wahooooooo! Pies have never been my forte, and I couldn’t make a pretty pie if you paid me. More than likely impatience on my part and the fact that I avoided double crusted pies like the plague. Oh, sure, I could make pumpkin pies or “dutch” pies with crumbly tops…..but I stayed away from double crusts. Not any more. I have Lisa to thank for that.

I am sharing her pie crust recipe, with permission, and the credit is all hers. All pie photos are hers, too! Thank you Lisa, for allowing me to share your recipe!


In large bowl combine 2 1/4 cups flour and 1tsp of sugar. In small bowl whisk together 1/2cup +1Tbls Veg Oil and 1/3 cup 2%milk. Once whisked together add the small bowl liquids into the flour and quickly with spoon stir and push into ball, take out with hands and make one ball ,then pull apart into two some what equal size balls.


Put each ball between two pieces of wax paper. The less you touch the dough the better.


Roll with rolling pin while dough stays between the wax paper.


Top and bottom crust.


Take off wax paper from one side and put the dough into pie plate, then pull off top wax paper, fill crust with you favorite filling. 

Place top crust the same way, try not to touch crust, just pull paper off slowly.


Then poke holes and top with a little milk tapped on with fingers and sprinkle with sugar. It always makes the perfect crust, always. 

I made a little recipe graphic for easy printing, sharing, or pinning. Thanks to Lisa, I’ve made quite a few double-crusted fruit pies since last summer. Happy days!



2 thoughts on “Lisa Kennedy’s pie crust recipe.

  1. OK, NEVER have had luck with pie dough no matter who’s recipe I’ve tried. Will have to give this one a try, seems pretty easy and no cutting in the butter and using your “judgement” as to how much water to add.

    • I’ve never had much luck with double crusted pie crusts either! That’s why Lisa’s recipe made me so happy, I could do this one! I’ve been very pleased with the results.

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