I am grateful for Nonae.

#ProjectZen #Day15 #GratitudeProject

I am not feeling very wordy today. Most of my concentration has been spent on breathing and controlling pain while I was awake. I slept a lot. But because I really want to see my month-long gratitude project through to the end, here I am on Day 15. Only for a moment, then I’m shutting everything down and going back to bed.

This handsome cat fellow is Nonae. Someday soon I will tell his story because he has a marvelous one, and because of him, I have met some of the nicest people I know. Today, I am grateful for Nonae. My soft and fluffy friend, my sleeping buddy, the sharer of my afghan, my pillow warmer, my confidante. He never blabs my secrets or my dreams. Just running my fingers through his plush fur makes me smile, warms my heart, helps regulate my breathing, and slows my heart-rate. I sleep deeper with him nearby. My anxiety dissipates like wispy morning fog struck by the rising sun when he is next to me, purring, and thinking about cat things. Who wouldn’t be grateful for that, I wonder?


3 thoughts on “I am grateful for Nonae.

  1. Thanks, Maria! I love Nonae, too! I’m glad he is your sleeping buddy and helps with your anxiety. Everyone needs a special kitty like Nonae! ❤

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