I am grateful for my second-hand dishwasher.

#ProjectZen #Day17 #GratitudeProject

A rather mundane thing to be grateful for on my 17th day of my gratitude project, isn’t it? Well, I’m grateful nonetheless, for my second-hand dishwasher.

Having a dishwasher isn’t a necessity at all. I’ve done dishes by hand all my life, and for well over 20 years of marriage, and still wash some by hand now. If this one croaks, I’ll go back to washing all of them by hand again. But, I sure appreciate having one now. I even named my old dishwasher. Her name is Betsy. 

We acquired Betsy in a rather unusual manner. About 3-4 years ago, before I fell ill, I had just started my own cleaning business (which I have sadly had to give up). I started cleaning for a fellow who was a nephew to one of my regular cleaning clients. We bartered with each other. I cleaned for him, in exchange for him painting the exterior of our little house, and he threw the dishwasher into the deal! He comes by things through his own business (painter)….and a home he worked on, the folks there got a new dishwasher and wanted to get rid of their old one….so he took it, and gave it to us! He even installed it for us!

So I am the proud owner of an old, but functional, second-hand GE dishwasher. My Betsy. I’m thrilled to have her, and I often over-work her (I cook and bake a lot), but I sure appreciate her. Betsy has made my life easier. Sometimes, little things…..mundane things…..boring things…..things we don’t think about…..those things matter too in our little day-to-day lives. 



5 thoughts on “I am grateful for my second-hand dishwasher.

    • Thank you! It’s part of my Gratitude Project! I committed myself to blogging every day through February, to write about one thing each day I am grateful for. I do it every morning, and it really sets the tone for my day, and 17 days in….it is profoundly changing some of my attitudes. I’m so glad friends participated in their own projects, and encouraged me to do it too!

  1. I’m grateful that you are grateful for Betsy! As you continue along on this gratitude journey, you learn to appreciate things you take for granted, as well as life-changing epiphanies. All together, these daily things we learn to look for and appreciate change the way we see ourselves and our lives. I know it sounds simplistic or corny, but when you approach life with a positive attitude — that gratitude will help you get — then positive things will start happening to you and for you. I am a true believer in this. Keep on keepin’ on, Maria! Hugs ❤

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