Dear Fedex, I am grateful for our delivery guy.

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I am grateful for our Fedex delivery guy! 

The 18th day of my Gratitude Project shall be an open letter to all the big-wigs at Fedex, expressing my appreciation for our regular day-delivery Fedex man. He’s awesome!


February 18, 2017

Dear Fedex:

I wanted to let you know about one of your employees who deserves recognition. I live in Champaign, Illinois and this area for local deliveries is served by the Champaign Hub #619 (Local #618).

For background, back in September my husband and I rescued some tiny feral kittens, and friends sent us food and formula for them, most of which came by Fedex. We received packages for about two weeks! Nearly every time, a day delivery driver named RAY dropped off packages at our house on Rosewood Drive in Champaign.

We also receive frequent deliveries of pet food and supplies from on a regular basis.

Ray is the NICEST guy ever. Courteous. Professional. Kind. He helps me bring big boxes into the house to secure them, when my husband is not home or asleep. Ray always has a kind word to say and a big smile on his face. He always asks us how we are doing, and means it when he asks. He makes us feel like we’re the only reason he clocked in for work that day. I would like it very much if someone in management could give this man the acknowledgement he deserves. A raise. A letter of acknowledgement for his personnel file. Something. He deserves it. He is a credit to Fedex.

Thank you for your time.

Maria Appleby

P.S. I emailed your corporate office and posted on your social media several months ago and never received a response. I do realize that you cannot personally reply to all messages, but this man deserves recognition. Professional and courteous employees with outstanding work ethics deserve to shine. Ray deserves to shine. Please make that happen.



4 thoughts on “Dear Fedex, I am grateful for our delivery guy.

  1. Your Fed Ex guy sounds like the UPS guy we had. He was such a nice young man. Always brought the heavier packages in and would put them wherever I wanted. Amazon’s own delivery system now means I don’t see the UPS man anymore. Took a lot of business away from UPS and they are NOT as considerate! I miss my UPS guy. Delivery men like your Fed EX man and my ex UPS man are few and far. So glad you have a good guy on your route.

  2. Great letter, Maria. I hope Ray gets some kudos and recognition. And it’s kind of a sad commentary when we have to acknowledge GOOD service, because it’s become rare. I can remember not all that many years ago, when it was customary to have good, courteous service, but, sadly, now, it’s become the opposite. In any case, thanks for taking the initiative to write to FedEx about Ray. Does Don know Ray?

    • He does, although he does not technically “work with him” – Don is an overnight load coach. Ray is a day delivery man. Sometimes Don sees him early in the morning. But we really know Ray from coming to our house all the time and we just love him.

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