I am grateful for my first china cup.

#ProjectZen #Day20 #GratitudeProject

I was five years old when my mom presented me with my first official fancy china cup! I was thrilled! It’s such a small cup, festooned with happy creatures (a duck, a frog, and two mice) flowers, butterflies…..in cheerful colors. I can’t even begin to tell you how happy this cup made me feel. It’s from Germany.

My life-long love affair with hot beverages of all sorts is thanks to my upbringing, and this little cup. I love hot chocolate after being outside on a cold Winter day. Coffee is my morning ritual. Hot Earl Grey tea really hits the spot late afternoon. Herbal teas for all kinds of physical woes. Peppermint for belly aches. Chamomile to relax before bed. I probably have at least 20 herbals in my tea cabinet. 

I enjoyed my first hot teas steeped in pots with this little cup. I can remember games of Chinese checkers on the dining room table, with a pot of hot tea, whiling away a Winter afternoon….and drinking that tea from this cup.

Mom kept it safe for me during the years I was away in the Army. I came back with a husband, and moved away again, taking with me all the treasures of my childhood and my family’s best wishes, and my little cup.

I’m 50 years old now, and I still have that cup. It’s been displayed in a place of honor in my tiny corner curio for decades. I think, maybe, I should take it out and give it a good and gentle wash…..and have a cup of Earl Grey…..and take a long stroll down Memory Lane.  Care to join me? I have lots of “big people” cups you can choose from. 

Today I am grateful for my first china cup. 





3 thoughts on “I am grateful for my first china cup.

  1. What you wrote about your cup made me smile- and has made my day! Grateful to you for sharing the journey this cup has taken you on. 💕

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