Easy Lime Curd

February 24, 2017

I spent several hours yesterday poring over my own cook books and scouring the Internet for lime curd recipes. Some of my Facebook friends also offered a lot of helpful tips and tricks when we discussed it. Boy, was that an eye opener! So many methods! Wowee!

Some people use double boilers, and some use plain old pots. Some use lots of eggs, others just a few, and even others use just the yolks. Measurements for butter, zest, juice and sugar varied wildly. Some use complicated step-by-step methods, others not so much. Most cut up their butter into chunks, a few don’t. Most strain their curd before putting it into a container, a few don’t (I didn’t either, I like the zest. The more ZING the better for me!)

I decided to make it easy for myself, and I only had three limes to work with anyway. Everyone should use whatever method they feel is best for themselves! Here is what I did: 


Mmmmmmm! It turned out wonderful! I can’t wait for Don to make pancakes this weekend so we can have lime curd on them!


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