Be kind.

“If you want to plant roots in your own community, bless someone less fortunate than yourself with wings to soar.” (Maria Appleby)

Time costs you nothing. Wave to your neighbors. Check on the elderly in your neighborhood. Become a mentor. Go to your local shelter and walk a dog, or pet the kitties in the community room. Take a bag of groceries to that family you know is having a rough time. Buy a bag of pet food for that person who just lost their job and is worried about feeding their pet. Sign up to read for kids at the library. Share your lunch with your co-worker who has no money to bring or buy a meal. Be an encourager. Be someone’s cheerleader and give them the acknowledgement and confidence they need to keep on keeping on. People need to be seen. People need to be heard. People need to be loved. Most importantly, people need to be respected. Give up your bus seat for someone who needs to sit more than you do. Take your gently used clothing you no longer wear to Goodwill, or a local church that gives clothes to the needy. Bake cookies and take them to your neighborhood fire department for the guys and gals on shift that day. Be nice to that brand new cashier when the line moves slow, they are still learning and doing their best. Say please. Say thank you. Say hello. Smile. Be kind. Open your eyes. See. Act. It doesn’t have to be expensive. It doesn’t have to be complicated. There are thousands of ways you can brighten someone’s life, and light your own soul in the process. Listen. When you ask another person, “How are you?”, mean it and listen. Don’t take photos on your phone of someone who just got hurt in an accident…HELP THEM INSTEAD. Get involved. Care. It is your business. If it was YOU, you would HOPE that someone, anyone…would HELP YOU. You may not be able to save the whole planet, but you sure can make your little corner of the world a better place. Be the one who stops wishing, and starts doing. You will be amazed at the transformation, not only in yourself, but in your world. Respect all life, diminish none. Everyone matters. You matter.


2 thoughts on “Be kind.

  1. Beautiful words and thoughts, Maria. It’s so very simple to do something to help, and it means so much. Be nice, be kind. People so often forget to do this. And they forget that, by doing something nice, it helps both the giver and the giv-ee.

  2. Reminded me of what an elderly gentleman said to me when I helped him with his bags and took his grocery cart back for him. He thanked me and said “If we don’t help each other then who will”

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