I am grateful for the wrong cat.

#ProjectZen #Day13 #GratitudeProject

On 1/23/2011, our beloved FRANKLIN “The Zen Master” came to live with us from Kentucky. Quite a few people were instrumental in his transport (drivers and contributors). We found out that he was also the wrong cat after the fact. We were supposed to get Beans (who happens to be Franklin’s litter-mate). But, we did keep Franklin, and that turned out to be rather serendipitous for us. Some things are just meant to be. And, a few months later, we did get Beans too.

We were shocked when we discovered that he was FeLV+ (Feline Leukemia) at his first veterinary check up. We opted to keep him and care for him, as long as we could. At the time of his diagnosis, he displayed no adverse symptoms, and his physical check-up and other lab work was great.

He was gorgeous and possessed a very interesting and unique personality. Franklin quickly picked up the nickname “Zen Master” from us because he was so chill. He rolled with the punches and was quite content with life as he knew it. As a huge former tom cat (when he was taken off the streets he was neutered), he had a calm personality and avoided conflict, while still being very confident and sure of himself. We used to go to bed every night listening to music on my little CD player, that I had gotten just for him…..he would hear the first few notes and snuggle in. Oh, he was such a little lover.

He remained symptom free (and quite robust) for just over two years, but when he did finally crash….it was swift, and we had to make the best decision for him, and let him go. We did not want him to suffer. On 3/13/2013, we said farewell to our sweet friend. We miss him.

We do not regret our decision to keep Franklin in our little family. He was here for a reason. Franklin taught me that while there are no guarantees for tomorrow and life is indeed entirely too fleeting, but life can still be beautiful if you want it to be, and love really is forever.

Franklin was the right cat, at the right time, with the right lesson we needed to learn. Today, I am very grateful we got the wrong cat.


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